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INTEGRAL ERP solution is a wide-range international standared system web enabled business management system that integrates the operational process and information  of any business to synergize the resources . The management can monitoring every status, Real Time Dashboard, up to date & role specific business information as well as can get summer y report . This is a fascinating business solution for those who emphasize on peace of mind as wel as want to adopt technological acceleration. This ERP solution is promising you to connect your all department, branches, customers under a central system. The INTEGRAL ERP Solution is the Flagship product of InitVent Consulting Services Ltd.This is an online based ERP solution for any organisations. This Software is a proven solution and has already been implemented in WAVE Foundation, RDRS Bangladesh, H&H International Trading, AARSL, Mojarkena E commerce, Usha Foundation, Sachatan Group, RDRS Bangladesh, Jaflong Valley Shop, Daily Bazar, Family Super Shop, MICEL and many more company.


Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System be used to track the inventory of a single store, or to manage the distribution of stock between several branches of a larger franchise. Here are some of the most essential and must-have Features: Dashboard: With overview and best sell charts latest (Sales, Purchased, Transfer, Cash in hand, Cash at Bank, Profit & Loss, Total sold, Total due amount).
Features of our Accounting and Inventory Management Software: Purchase, Purchase Return, Single and Multiple Sale, Sales Return, Auto Barcode, Barcode Machine integration, Issue/Remove Item, Billing/Invoice/ challan, Item Transfer, Payment, Customer Management, Supplier Management, Shipping, Expense

Fixed Assets Management System

To put it simply, a fixed asset is an asset that’s purchased by the company and registered as a fixed asset, which means that the company doesn’t plan on selling it or otherwise converting it into a monetary value within the upcoming year after purchase. These assets usually relate to infrastructure, such as buildings, lands or machinery, meaning that they’re not assets that are directly sold to customers.

Since tracking multiple locations, conditions and maintenance requirements for assets can be difficult and time-consuming. Our Fixed Assets system can help businesses quickly implement an efficient, serial code-based asset accounting system that makes the entire process easier to handle. Features of our Fixed assets module as follows-

Assets Description, Purchase Information, Assets Status, Assets Value adjustment, Assets Transfer etc.

Provident Fund Management System

Provident Fund: A provident fund is created with a purpose of providing financial security and stability to elderly people. Generally one contributes to these funds when one starts as an employee, and the contributions are made on a regular basis (monthly in most cases). Its purpose is to help employees save a fraction of their salary every month, to be used in an event that the employee is temporarily or no longer fit to work or at retirement. trust. Features of our Provident Fund Software- Provident Fund Opening: Ledger wise statement  Opening Balance  Contribution of PF  Loan deductions of PF  Profit of PF  Closing Balance of PF Staff Loan/ Advance  Different types of loans with configurations of amount or settlement limits.  Employees loans request  Approvals by testing the validity conditions.  Auto managing the settlements and processing in the Payroll of the employees Generate Provident Fund Monthly/Yearly  Personal, social and general information  Manage service record  Designation/Post history of the Employee  Contribution of PF Dividend Distribution  Various types of interest income distribution according to organization policy. Provident Fund Refund  Refund structure fully dynamic according to organization policy

HR & Payroll Management System

The HR software, company uses should not just be beneficial for the employer but should have added features so that employees can also benefit from it. It must be chosen with such intent that the company grows as its employees grow with it.
Here are some must have features of HR & Payroll Management software:

Dashboard, Storing Employee’s Details Information, Absence and Leave, Time and Attendance, ID card printing Facilities, Pre-design Letter format, Learning and Development (Training), Performance Management (Appraisal), Recruitment Module, Staff Assets Management, Requisition, Staff settlement, Payroll, Salary, Pay slip, Staff Loan, Staff Advance

Accounting Management System

INTEGRAL Accounting is a powerful, features rich, easy to use Accounting System to take care all of your accounting needs. It keeps track of your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly income and expenses in a single place to make you more organized and more efficient.
Voucher:  Account provides numerous “Vouchers” to help you better visualize the progress of your Income/Expense/Growth.  Account lets you send dynamically generated Invoices to your Customers.  Allows you to add Unlimited Invoice Templates.  You can Customize Invoice Templates According to your need.  Ability to select the Template for Invoice dynamically from Pre-defined Templates.  Can add multiple items on a single invoice Vat-Tax:  You can add unlimited number of Tax (VAT, Income Tax).  Set Minimum and Maximum Amount Range for Discounts.  Ability to apply Tax and Discount Rules for a particular Category, on a particular Item and for a particular Country. Bank Reconciliation : Accounts:
Chart of Accounts: We can store your chart of accounts with sub ledger.  Opening (account/ receipt payment): Open Customer Accounts and Customer Branch. Opening balance will be automated.  Accounts opening  Receipt payment opening  Sub ledger opening

Gratuity Fund Management System

As offering gratuity fund facility has become a prerequisite of attracting and retaining employees, it has created an added load on organizations for accounting and administering such funds. Our software based gratuity fund management approach enables us to effectively administer such funds which includes – Here are some of the most essential and must-have modules which are generated 100% dynamically you should be certain your Gratuity Fund Software includes: Gratuity Fund Opening: Ledger wise statement  Opening Balance  Contribution of Gratuity Fund  Closing Balance of Gratuity Fund Generate Gratuity Fund Monthly/Yearly  Personal, social and general information  Manage service record  Designation/Post history of the Employee  Contribution of Gratuity Fund Generate Gratuity Refund  Refund structure fully dynamic according to organization policy

unique features

  • Graph & Chart Based Analytical Dashboard
  • Employee Management
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • E-documentation management
  • ID card Management
  • Bulk attendance report upload and export facilities
  • Employee Loan management
  • Employee advance management
  • Employee Designation section
  • Department wise software using facility
  • Training Management
  • Recruitment Management system
  • Administrative action
  • Employee’s assets information
  • Payroll Management
  • Expense Management
  • Provident fund management system
  • Salary management
  • Pay slip generate and send email to employee through this system
  • Auto Voucher
  • Manual Voucher
  • Appraisal management
  • Company Messaging on top
  • Database Backup
  • Highly Secured
  • Admin Role Configuration
  • Daily Report section
  • Admin panel for both HR administrator and Employee
  • Employee activity log
  • Permission assign section
  • Employee settlement
  • All report chart
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive user interface
  • Task assign system for individual employee

security & control feature

 User Account Based Access Control
 Role based Security & Access Control
 Working Unit & Organizational hierachy Based Access Control & data Scope
 Creator Checker and Approver based recording & Controlling
 All User accsee and action logs are maintained
 Transacted and Approved data cannot be deleted
 With due permission, De-approve/reversal and back dated entry can be carried out
 All the deleted records are preserved
 Application UI is Dynamic (user Based)
 Full Access Control to System Administrator
 password Policy Based User Account access
 Allowed IP and Permitted working time bound access control
 Supports all modern banking security controls and Measures
 Dynamic Facility to change any policy

technology & architecture

The INTEGRAL ERP has been developed using state of the art architecture named SOFEA (Service Oriented Front End Architecture). The technologies lies behind this are JavaScript MVC framework and based Front End, WCF RESTful Service based Back End, NHibernate based data layer High Chart, Fusion Chart and Crystal Report based reporting System. 

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