Integrated Micro Finance automation suite

iMFAS Core Banking System (CBS)

The IMFAS – Integrated Micro Finance Automation Suite is the Flagship product of initvent. This is an online based comprehensive solution for large scale Micro Finance organization across the globe. Using this all the micro banking operations like customer management Savings management, Loan Management, Personn Management, Accounting Management, Branch/Unit Level Operations, Field collections using android based hand held devices (like Smart Phone, Tablet), Organization Level integration, etc can be performed very smoothly and efficiently. It’s a total solution for micro banking organizations This solution supports mixed mode operations like full automation, semi automation and manual operations. The whole system is fully configurable and dynamic. Based on the client’s needs, the system can be configured. The solution has been developed using state of the art architecture and technologies like Next Generation Web Architecture, JavaScript MVC Cans based Front End and WCF Services based Back End. For data storage Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is being used. For reporting SAP Crystal Reports are being used.

Mobile Apps Enabled Feild Collection

We have mobile apps along with this software to make operation more easier of our customers. Field Assistance, Field Admission. Executive Dashboard). If any organization use our apps they do not need to use printed Collection Sheet. We Promote Go Green! Go Paperless Campaign

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Dynamic Features, Documents management and E-filing Capability

Our software can be accessed from anywhere of world over Internet. All the products. Programs, User Members Reports ect are configured dynamically based on client's preference. Full Fledged Document Management and E-filing Capability. All sorts of scan copy of physical documents can be attached to the clients. Mitigate the risk of maintaining hard copies.

In-built capability of modern banking facilities

Our software includes all kind of modern banking facilities. Any organization can use following features anytime - Email, SMS Alerts. Mobile Money Integration, ATM Integration, Account Transfer, etc.

Flexible Product Policy Definitions

All the Loan and Savings product definitions including product nature. product avling scope, product dependency, tenure, interest method - Flat, Reducing Declining. Modified. Simple, Compound, installment frequency, grace period. collateral requirement, different Fees and Insurance requirement Book ete can be defined and configured

Real time transaction Processing

All Kinds of transaction process instantly. We use cloud based server that gives peerless service to our customers.

Easy to use interface

Elegant but easy to use User Interfaces Easy Implementation & Data Migration process Multiple savings accounts and loan accounts facility for single member based on organization policy.

Easy Implementation & Data Migration Process

No need to use printed Hierarchical Consolidation Repo

unique features

Highly Robust & Latest Technology based Web Solution
 Fully Dynamic – Can be configured based on organization’s needs – complying with rules & policies.
 Mobile Apps and Voice Enabled – Field Collection, Field Admission, and Executive Dashboard mobile apps
 Document Management – Can be stored scanned copy of all physical documents
 PKSF, MRA & CGAP Compliant Reporting
 Graphical Dashboard for the Executives – Provides at glance view of the organization status at different levels.
 Organization message can be displayed on the screen. Whoever logins the software can see the message and download the file attached there.
 High Security and Access Control with Audit Trail – All actions are recorded and can trace anytime if required. Unauthorized access, intrusion or hacking is practically impossible into the system.
 Complete Micro Finance & Core Banking ERP

security & control feature

 User Account Based Access Control
 Role based Security & Access Control
 Working Unit & Organizational hierachy Based Access Control & data Scope
 Creator Checker and Approver based recording & Controlling
 All User accsee and action logs are maintained
 Transacted and Approved data cannot be deleted
 With due permission, De-approve/reversal and back dated entry can be carried out
 All the deleted records are preserved
 Application UI is Dynamic (user Based)
 Full Access Control to System Administrator
 password Policy Based User Account access
 Allowed IP and Permitted working time bound access control
 Supports all modern banking security controls and Measures
 Dynamic Facility to change any policy

technology & architecture

The iMFAS has been developed using state of the art architecture named SOFEA (Service Oriented Front End Architecture). The technologies lies behind this are JavaScript MVC framework and based Front End, WCF RESTful Service based Back End,NHibernate based data layer High Chart, Fusion Chart and Crystal Report based reporting System. For mobility MEAS

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